Integral Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Co, Pune India is one of Innovolt's strategic partners for Rapid Prototyping of New Products, Design and Engineering and limited batch production. Innovolts of Its numerous patents pending CVSS technology-based products offer state-of-the-art power protection for home theaters, media centers, computers, medical clinics, factories, office equipments and utilities.
Pluggable Unit :
The first Pluggable power protection device to provide protection against Voltage Surges, Current Surges and Over-Voltages.

Specifications :
Nominal Operating Voltage: 120Vac, 50/60Hz
Maximum Continuous Current: 8 Amp rms
Voltage Surge per UL 1449:2400 Joules
@ 400 Volts
Overload & Short Circuit: Resettable
Circuit Breaker
10 Amp.
Relocatable Power Tap :
Nominal Operating Voltage:
120Vac, 15A/20A, 60Hz
Maximum Continuous Current:
15 Amp/ 20 Amp rms
Voltage Surge per UL 1449:
400V for L-N
500V for L-G
500V for N-G

Current Surge Limit : < 15 Amp<20Amp
Diagnastics : Microprocessor Based
Diagnostic Tool :
Power Doctor is a diagnostic tool for CVSS range of power protection products. The Power Doctor can capture events like surge, Overvoltages Sags, can store data and transfer the same to your PC for analysis.
Nominal Operating Voltage: 230Vac,50/60Hz.
Maximum Continuous Current: 5 Amp rms
Overload & Short Circuit: Resettable Circuit Breaker 6 Amp.
Suited for voltage variations.
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